A man of fifty can be equally as stylish as a man of twenty

May 24, 2011 by  

The myth that the alpha male does not care about his appearance is false. The only truth in that
myth is that fashion can be complicated, and when certain things in life get complicated, they
are given up on all too easily. Whether you’re that guy who just wakes up in the morning, throws
something on and still knows he looks good, or a guy who picks out his suit the night before and
feels excited to wake up and stroll into the city looking fresh to death… Image is IMPORTANT. It
sends out a signal to others around you of what type of person you are. The key is to shop well, and
identify what best to wear on what occasion. Dressing up and dressing down can be fun if you know
how to do it right.

The facts are that the average male shopper who goes out to buy his clothes is not normally thinking
what will be best for the A/W season, or what his S/S 2011 wardrobe will look like. He may well be
intrigued by the world of designers, labels and brands, but a lack of time to research, or knowledge
of where to research stops him from actually taking the steps to improve an overall look which deep
down he wants to improve. The bottom line is that men like to look good too, but they need a push
in the right direction with instructions that are easy to understand and follow.

In general, men are a much more guarded and stubborn species then their female counterparts
when it comes to clothes. The ideals of men are different. Our rigidness towards change stifles us
in not only our overall style, but also in our decision making. We think we know what works for us
and we like to stick to it no matter what. If you are though starting to believe that your day to day
style has to become more of a priority, then your decision making must be the first major priority.
The success is lies in streamline fashion. Streamline fashion symbolizes clothes that fit correctly, and
compliment you as an individual. Not too baggy so your clothes drown you, but not so tight that the
circulation in your body is cut off. It is all very well identifying that you would like to freshen up your
dress code, but running out and buying everything in sight that looks good on everybody else, is the
wrong way to go about it. Inhale fashion exhale style is a new way of living. Striping your old self
right down and starting again with a fresh coat of paint.

Inhale fashion understands the everyday man on the street. We can help you understand the
catwalk but we will not preach the catwalk to you. A man of fifty can be equally as stylish as a man of
twenty, and Inhale Fashion will make sure he knows it. Inhale fashion is prepared to break the rules
by acknowledging not only men who already understand the ins and outs of fashion, but also the
men who live normal lives away from runways and models.

Aaron Rackley
Artistic Director

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